Your President Speaks!

From Holden:

Dear Leader was fluffing for prospective gubernatorial loser Lynn Swann in Pennsylvania last night.

Stay In Your Pocket! Don’t Make Me Tell You Again.

If you don’t prioritize in state government or federal government, they’ll figure out how to spend every single dime that they raise from you. But if you can get somebody to prioritize, that leaves money for you to stay in your pocket, see.

Lynn Swann And I Are One

If you don’t have high standards, you get lousy results, particularly in some neighborhoods. And that’s unacceptable to a person like Lynn Swann and me.

Lots of Somebodies

It may be the color of somebody’s skin, or somebody’s demographics that says to somebody, we’re just going to quit on you.

Too Stupid For A Clever Header

I know it’s hard for Americans to believe this, but the enemy that attacked us before has got people that want to act like them, are maybe taking instruction from — I can’t tell you whether this plot we disrupted was al Qaeda. I’m not going to say that unless I’m certain it was. But it’s the kind of activities that al Qaeda has done in the past, and that is to place suiciders on airplanes to destroy innocent life, trying to shake the will of the United States, trying to send a political message.

Pssst, George…. I Think They Already May Know Where We Live

If we leave [Iraq] before the mission is complete, if we withdraw, the enemy will follow us home.

Paging George Allen. George Allen To The White Power Courtesy Phone

It’s interesting, isn’t it, that the Prime Minister of a country with which we had a mighty war, thousands lost their lives — as a matter of fact, it took us, I don’t know how long, a decade or so to even get racial slurs out of our vocabulary, because of the enmity that arose as a result of fighting the Japanese.