Your Friday Morning Republican Juggernaut Update

From Holden:

My god, if Katherine Harris’ lips are moving then she must be lying.

Katherine Harris’ attempt to boost her campaign with a series of high-profile endorsements wilted Thursday when none of the officials appeared at her campaign rally and one of them said Harris wrongly included him on her list of supporters.

State Sen. Daniel Webster, R-Winter Garden, said he has not endorsed Harris and instead is supporting one of her challengers, Orlando attorney Will McBride.


“I’ve always backed Will,” Webster said. “He’ll make a great United States senator.”

Webster said he had no idea why Harris listed him as one of her supporters. He said he never endorsed her.

Harris insisted that Webster promised to attend her rally Thursday at Orlando Executive Airport.

“They called back twice and said he’d be here,” Harris said. “He said he was going to be here on the stage with me today.”

Webster’s office said he had never confirmed his attendance.

He wasn’t the only no-show for Harris’ “Soaring for the Senate” rally.

None of the nine officials listed on her event flier appeared, leaving Harris on her own to address a group of about 40 supporters, reporters and campaign-staff members.


Harris spoke in an airplane hangar that seemed to highlight the modest size of the crowd. She said a last-minute location change — required because a tree fell on the hangar where the event was supposed to be held — kept crowd numbers down.

Airport officials, however, said no hangar had been damaged by a tree and that the rally was in the hangar that had been originally booked.

Harris spoke for 10 minutes, saying she is the only candidate with the conservative credentials to defeat Nelson. When she finished, red, white and blue balloons dropped onto an empty stage, rendered unnecessary by the sparse crowd.


Not everyone backing Harris is so upbeat.

This week, as Harris made the rounds at a Winter Park political gathering, U.S. Rep. Tom Feeney said he continues to back her — but he does so primarily out of a sense of duty.

“I endorsed Congresswoman Harris a year ago,” Feeney said. “I made a commitment, and I’m going to live up to that commitment.”

Feeney was then asked why he offered such a tepid endorsement.

“I won’t disclose publicly what I said to Katherine privately,” he said. “But that notwithstanding, she decided to run.”

Moments later, Feeney added, “It’s very sad.”

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