Okay, Okay, Okay: Boyfriend!

I’ve tried to get over him. I’ve tried everything. I dated Russ Feingold. Called up Howard Dean to remember how much I loved him once upon a time, as if my political fickleness would cure me. I let friends tell me how dumb his hair was, how he didn’t really want the things I wanted, how it would never work out because there would always be the ghost of elections past. I listened to them all, I really did. I even flirted a bit with this nice boy called Wesley Clark at this crazy party a couple of weeks ago, but it’s hopeless. Hopeless.

I give up.

Next, Red Sox asked if he can count on me to work hard for other candidates this cycle – the answer is yes — I’m not letting up, absolutely yes. I’ve already supported over 165 candidates across the country, from country chair to United States Senate races. And I mean support – we’ve raised or given away something like 10 M dollars. And I’ve made supporting veterans as candidates a personal mission this fall. So, yes – we’re not letting up. Was it Warren Zevon who wrote “I’ll sleep when I’m dead?” Sounds about right.

I’m weak. I need help.