Rockey Vaccarella, Regular Guy

From Holden:

Chimpy’s new best bud, Rockey Vaccarella has a history. He ran for a St. Bernard’s Parish council seat as a Republican in 1999 and lost.

District D: Ex-N.O.P.D. and now insurance writer, Joseph Gallodoro collected 40% to Rockey Vaccarella’s 16%. Unfortunately, during the race Rockey’s son got arrested. Maybe this had something to do with his lower totals. No incumbent in this race.

Then in 2003 he sued his former employer who was running for Parish President at the time.

But while [Republican Scott] Wolfe says his council and business experience as the founder of Wagner’s Meats and Chicken Box makes him the best choice, his critics say that his business practices are why he wouldn’t be a good president.

Before the Oct. 4 primary, Rockey Vaccarella, his former chief operating officer, sued Wolfe over their business split-up last February, claiming Wolfe reneged on a promise for a Chicken Box franchise in Chalmette, and New Orleans City Councilwoman Jacquelyn Brechtel Clarkson accused Wolfe of trying to skirt the city’s permitting process in opening his businesses.

But Wolfe is undaunted by the criticisms, saying that Vaccarella is just a disgruntled ex-employee and Clarkson is a vindictive official who is anti-business.

Yeah humble, plain-spoken, blue-collar Rockey was once the Chief Operating Officer of one of the largest private companies in New Orleans.

Just a regular guy, no wonder he got to meet with the president when he asked and Cindy Sheehan did not.

UPDATE: Will Bunch has more on Rockey.

Almost forgot, Rockey’s trailer…

Ain’t no FEMA trailer.