The New and Improved Agent Orange

From Holden:

Of course the government will ignore the ailment it has created as it did after Vietnam and the first Gulf War.

Chuck Hubert of Ocala fought in Iraq, and he said he believes he is suffering from the “new” Agent Orange.


Hubert said he and thousands of others who have returned from the Iraq war are battling the effects of inhaling depleted uranium yet no one’s listening.

“I just want answers. I mean simple answers,” Hubert said.


Dreams of a continued Army career turned to dust. Hubert was medically discharged, strange symptoms emerged and he was nauseated and dizzy all the time.

“That’s when they determined I had Grave’s Disease,” he said.

“He’s an expert supposedly on depleted uranium,” his wife, Monica, said.

She has done plenty of research and found so many other families suffering from strange medical symptoms. They believe uranium that rubs off from bullets and even tanks triggers illnesses when it’s inhaled.

“If a bullet is coated with depleted uranium it will pierce further. It will hit harder,” Monica Hubert said.

The family said it wants to know if Chuck Hubert has the new Agent Orange and they want to know why the government won’t test him.

“It could be as simple as trying to hide something,” he said.

The Huberts said they hope someone will hear their cry for help.

Hubert works but can only perform certain duties because of his ongoing medical condition. The government pays some disability but he said it’s not enough to support a family of five.