One woman and a city in pain

From Scout:

This was a brief interview with Regina Foster-Scott. Yesterday we gutted their family home. (Do watch video of what occurred)

The interview is short as it was just too painful for Miss Regina to talk. I debated whether to post this as it is hard to put a camera so intimately on someone’s pain. But I discussed it with lb0313, my host here, and we agreed that people NEED to see the pain that still exists here in almost everyone. Depression and Post Katrina Stress Disorder are epidemic here. It’s not even “Post” as the trauma continues day in and day out. I haven’t heard many people talking of plans to go to Anniversary events. May be just the people I meet but I think it is difficult to commemorate something that hasn’t concluded. “Katrina” is still going on everyday. Reminders are everywhere and it’s painful.