Long Live New Orleans

From Scout:

I rented a bike today to go to the jazz funeral procession from the Superdome to St. Augustine Church. As the guy in the bike shop said when he leaned what I was doing…”I’m so sick of this anniversary shit.” I think many New Orleanians feel that way.

As you’ll see there were not many people marching but a whole lot of media was there. I didn’t see any of the big outfits though. The media thinned out by the end and some people joined in along the way. I had the camera in one hand and was steering the bike with the other all while trying to dodge media out of the corner of my eyes so a bit bumpy at times……. .

The first is part of the procession (4 minutes)….

2 songs in St. Augustines. One lead by one of the Mardi Gras Indians (9 minutes)….

The very end….All on a Mardi Gras Day (3 minutes)…..