A good list of rules:

To the people who aren’t going to be home, but ask me if I can drop the animal off at your neighbor’s house. You are not adopting my pet.

To the 14 year olds who want the cute cuddly kittens, or bunnies. Does your mother know you’re scanning the adoption forum? Do you have a job to care for these animals? You are not adopting my pet.

To the people who inquire about the iguanas but who openly admit that they have no knowledge of how big they actually get. You are not adopting my pet.


Some e-mails contain “I’m interested in the animal for adoption. Please call me back today after 9, or tomorrow between 10 and 11, or again after 3.” No, I’m not taking these orders from someone I don’t know. If you REALLY want to adopt the said animal, then YOU will contact me when it’s convenient for ME. Otherwise…… You, are not adopting my pet.