It’s All In the T-T-T-Timing

From Holden:

Via SusanG at Kos, just as Chimpy is rolling out anothr series of speeches intended to prop up his Vanity War in Iraq, the Pentagon harshes his buzz.

Pentagon: Conditions for Civil War Exist in Iraq

Conditions that could lead to a civil war exist in Iraq, the Pentagon said in a new report on Friday, as the “core conflict” has changed into one pitting Sunni Muslims against Shi’ites, with the Sunni Arab insurgency overshadowed.

The Pentagon’s congressionally mandated report provided a sober assessment of the situation in Iraq over the past three months, saying attacks increased by 15 percent over the prior three months and casualties among Iraqis surged 51 percent.

“Conditions that could lead to civil war exist in Iraq,” the report stated, adding that concern about civil war has increased within the Iraqi civilian population.

“Nevertheless, the current violence is not a civil war, and movement toward a civil war can be prevented,” added the report, which said the security environment was at its most complex state since the U.S.-led invasion in March 2003 that toppled President Saddam Hussein.