Keep Talking, George

From Holden:

You’r edoing your country a world of good.

Image from Bartcop.

Attempts by the administration of US President George W. Bush to justify the continuing war in Iraq by comparing it to the 20th century war against Nazism as November elections draw near could actually benefit divided Democrats, experts said.


“A majority of the American people oppose the war in Iraq. Therefore, the Democrats, as the party that primarily opposed the war in Iraq, has this issue on its side,” said Stephen Hess, an analyst at the Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank.

“It’s the Bush administration that has to try to convince the majority of the American people that they’re correct,” he said.

Eric Davis, a professor at Middlebury College in Vermont, said the war can work to the Democrats’ advantage in the run-up to the November 7 legislative election.

“The strategy for the Democrats is both to talk about other issues where they’re strong — economy, health care, gas prices and so forth — and to simply take Bush on and say that his policy has not made the region more secure,” Davis said.

Democrats, long divided over the issue, can find unity in pointing out Bush’s errors, he added.


Indeed, too, there is no indication that Republican legislative candidates are ready to promote the war when they campaign at home.

“A president has a louder megaphone than anybody else, and will try to set the debate,” Hess said as the administration launched its campaign to defend the war.

However, Davis said, “I’m not sure whether Republican congressional candidates really want to talk about Iraq.”