Saturday Thread

Okay, so last weekend we had the big argumentative thread about marrying career women and stuff, so here’s my question for you people out there who are coupled:

Who does what around the house? Are you happy with how things are done? And how did you decide to do them that way?

First, confessional: I do most of the housework. Cooking, general cleaning, errand running. I work weird hours here in my little corner of a spare bedroom with bits of a book around me, so it makes sense for me to be able to squeeze stuff in in between tasks. And it helps me procrasinate, which is always good.

I never thought I would, but I actually rather like it. It’s satisfying, as opposed to worrying a paragraph for three days and having nothing to show for it. Mr. A handles the family paperwork, takes out garbage and recycling, we split the ferret maintenance (on bath day, with three beasties, four hands is a minimum) and generally it works pretty well.

Now that I’ve written that, of course, we’re sure to get into a big screaming fight about who didn’t replace the toilet paper roll and who put the sour milk back in the fridge.