Unclear On The Meaning of Never

From Holden:

Ralph Peters, a staunch supporter of Chimpy’s Vanity War to establish democracy in the Middle East from the very day they decided that it was no longer about WMDs, finally gives up.

Iraqi democracy hasn’t yet failed entirely. But it looks as if it might. President Bush needs to face that possibility. Managing the regional and global consequences will be his responsibility. We will have to fight on elsewhere – with more realism and, regrettably, less idealism. The fools who hope Iraq will fail will face more wars, not fewer.


We’ve done what we could in Iraq, and we’ve done it nobly. We should not withdraw our troops precipitously, but the clock is ticking. It’s now up to the Iraqis to succeed – or become yet another pathetic Arab failure. If Iraqis are unwilling to grasp the opportunity our soldiers and Marines bought them with American blood, it’s their tragedy, not ours.

And then there’s the fun note appended to the end of Peter’s column:

Ralph Peters’ latest book is “Never Quit the Fight.”