For Jonah… Who’s Never Heard the Burning Dogs Scream (Part II)

meserve alone

CNN’s Jeanne Meserve let us know something was terribly wrong in New Orleans on Day 1. (Hear that haunting report here)

tp editor home

Times Picayune news editor Mike Ramsey and his house post K.

You must GO Here to see the many photos of the destroyed homes of Times Picayune staff.

Knowing full well their homes were devastated they made their way through the city, hook or crook or on bikes, to get the stories.

garland robinette

Garland Robinette of“WWL radio station was for a time the only one able to continue to broadcast during the disaster; for a time Robinette was broadcasting from a hastily thrown together studio in a closet after the building’s windows blew out.” It was Robinette who conducted the famous “get off your asses” interview of Nagin. RecentlyGambit Weekly readers voted him Best Local Radio Talk Show Host saying this…”Simply put, Robinette’s interview of Mayor Ray Nagin, in which Hizzoner woke America up with a profanity-laced assessment of just how miserable the situation was after Katrina, was local journalism’s biggest moment in its biggest story ever. Nagin’s plea for buses and troops spurred the cavalry to finally come, and Robinette’s role in that will never be forgotten.”