Reaction to the Juggernaut’s Victory


Let’s just say it’s not allpeaches and cream

Harris’ comments [during an interview with the Florida Baptist Witness] so incensed challenger [Peter] Monroe, that he said Tuesday night he would not support her as the party’s nominee.

The remarks, he said, were “anti-Semitic” and “terribly frightening.” Monroe, a Christian and lifelong Republican, said Harris was essentially advocating “a theocracy.”

“I consider myself a loyal Republican,” said Monroe, who worked in two GOP administrations. “But it amazes me anyone would support her.”

Sweetness and light…

“At this point, Katherine Harris has a hill to climb that is exceptionally steep,” said Sid Dinerstein, Palm Beach County Republican chairman.

Or aday at the beach.

At one time, political experts considered this year’s Senate race in Florida a prime chance for Republicans to unseat Nelson, the last statewide elected Democrat who is considered by many to be vulnerable.

[The nonpartisan Cook Political Report’s Jennifer] Duffy said Nelson, first elected six years ago, is a “very lucky man” who dodged a bullet.