Their Fate Will Be Someone’s Fate…

One reason why it still matters. From theTimes Picayune

The billions of dollars being spent in Hurricane Katrina recovery aren’t being adequately monitored, the Army Corps of Engineers lacks a comprehensive plan for storm protection around New Orleans and a key blueprint for responding to the next disaster has yet to be completed, the Government Accountability Office said in three reports issued Wednesday.


Taking aim at the Department of Homeland Security, the GAO said the nation’s lead disaster agency still has not issued the Catastrophic Incident Annex supplement, a document that details the movement of commodities, equipment and personnel in a major crisis.

The GAO report said that until the document was finished, federal agencies won’t know what they need to do in the next disaster. (emphasis mine)

our fate is your fate

(Photo: scout prime, New Orlean 8/29/2006)