The One-Two Punch of IEDs

We are seeingmore IEDs

Iraqi insurgents continue to increase their homemade-bomb attacks on U.S. and other coalition troops, despite a $3.5 billion Pentagon effort to stop them, a Pentagon official said Thursday.

Retired Army general Montgomery Meigs said Iraqi insurgents attacked troops of the U.S.-led coalition 1,200 times in August with improvised explosive devices (IEDs), compared with 1,100 attacks in July.

August’s figure is four times as many IED attacks as were reported in January 2004.


The top killers of U.S. troops in Iraq, IEDs have claimed the lives of more than 1,000 servicemembers and have wounded more than 10,000.

…while gatheringfewer tips on them.

Roadside bombs are the number one killer of American soldiers in Iraq. But the Pentagon says it’s having a hard time countering the bombers — in large part because tipsters aren’t helping as much.

The retired general tapped to try and solve the bombing problem says intelligence is the key to defeating insurgents. But the help is drying up. The nearly six-thousand tips Iraqis gave on bombs and other issues plummeted to just 37-hundred in July.