Your Friday Morning Republican Juggernaut Update

Looks like the Republikkkan nominee for one of Florida’s senate seats ispersona non grata with the Florida Republikkkan Party.

Katherine Harris couldn’t even sit back, relax and enjoy the Republican “unity” flight Thursday.

She wasn’t invited.

Harris, who often has complained that she has run afoul of the “party elite,” had to stay home just two days after she won the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate as the GOP nominees for governor and Cabinet criss-crossed the state with Gov. Jeb Bush.

And it wasn’t just nominees along for the GOP-paid trip. Tom Gallagher, who lost Tuesday, joined the team.

A state party spokesman, Jeff Sadosky, said there was no intentional snubbing. He said the flyaround was for the candidates seeking Tallahassee-based statewide office. That’s the same reason given when state GOP chairwoman Carole Jean Jordan issued a public statement after the election congratulating all of the party victors — except for Harris.

Asked if Bush would fly with Harris on a similar tour, Sadosky said, “It’s to be determined. We’re working on the schedules.”