Blame Tenet

In the wake of theSenate Intelligence Committee’s report making it clear that prior to the launch of Chimpy’s Vanity War the Bush Assministration knew that Iraq had no ties with, and was an actual enemy of, al Qaeda you just knew Unka Karl had to come up with a plan to deflect blame from the Steely-Eyed Crotch-Stuffer.

They chose a strategy they’ve used before:blame George Tenet.

First up, Condi Rice.

WALLACE: And in March 2003, just before the invasion, you said, talking about Iraq, “a very strong link to training Al Qaeda in chemical and biological techniques.” Secretary Rice, a Senate committee has just revealed that in February of 2002, months before the President spoke, more than a year, 13 months before you spoke, that the Defense Intelligence Agency concluded this, and let’s put it up on the screen: “Iraq is unlikely to have provided bin Laden any useful CB, that’s chemical or biological, knowledge or assistance.” Didn’t you and the President ignore intelligence that contradicted your case?

RICE: What the President and I and other administration officials relied on and — you simply rely on the Director of Central Intelligence. George Tenet gave that very testimony, that there were ties going on between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein’s regime going back for a decade. Indeed, the 9/11 Commission talked about contacts between the two. We know that Zarqawi was running a poisons network in Iraq. We know that Zarqawi ordered the killing of an American diplomat in Jordan from Iraq. There were ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda. Now, are we learning more now that we have access to people like Saddam Hussein’s intelligence services? Of course. We’re going to learn more.

Next we haveDick Cheney.

CHENEY: You’ve got Iraq and Al Qaeda, testimony from the Director of C.I.A. that there was indeed a relationship — Zarqawi in baghdad. et cetera. Then the

RUSSERT: The committee said there was no relationship. in fact Saddam —

CHENEY: I haven’t seen the report. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for the release ofTenet’s book.