Your Daily Les

Via virgo tex, Talk Radio News Service’s White House correspondentEllen Ratner on my buddy Les.

“There’s a guy, Les Kinsolving, who I used to do a radio show with,” she explains. “He’s a complete lunatic, obsessed with sex. Every time he’s called on in the White House press room, he manages to work anything he asks around to sex, homosexuality, totally off-the-wall stuff.

“One day I lost it. I went to [White House Press Secretary] Scott McClellan and said, ‘I’m not going to tolerate this. You can have your views on gay marriage, but you can’t allow verbal gay bashing in here. Would you let people talk like this about blacks in the ’60s, during the civil rights movement? Then don’t allow it here.’

“He asked what he should do, if he should be more aggressive in response to [Kinsolving’s] questions. And I said yes. And he did it. So if it comes to that point, I don’t mess around. I’m very open in the press room and have been since I got there 13 years ago.”