December Surprise

According to the right-wingInsight Magazine, Poppy’s fixer is working with the Chimp on a plan to cut-n-run from Iraq after the mid-terms.

President Bush has acceded to his father’s urging and has made former Secretary of State James Baker a leading adviser on Iraq.

Administration sources said Mr. Baker, head of the congressionally mandated Iraq Study Group, has been discussing with the president recommendations on an exit strategy that could begin after the November elections. They said Mr. Baker’s approach to Iraq differs sharply from that of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Oh, andJonah can’t spell “frijoles”.

UPDATE: Jonahfixes his mispelling of “frijoles”, claims “friholes” is a homonym for “frijoles”, says he knew it was spelled with a J all along, he was just “writing fast” when he mispelled it. Demonstrating that Jonah cannot spell the word “frijoles” and does not know what a homonym is. And, like his beloved president, The Pantload cannot admit to a mistake.

UPDATE II: Oh, my, I’m in a flame war with the Doughy Pantload.Jonah updates again, claiming I am a “stupendous pest”. He has a reader who Googled “friholes” and found some hits, so now he claims it is too a word so there. However if you actuallyGoogle “friholes” yourself Google asks, “Did you meanfrijoles?”.

Because “friholes” is not a word.