Gonzales Congratulates Gonzales

Wake me when they go after the kingfish contractors…

NEW ORLEANS (AP)— Attorney General Alberto Gonzales credited a task force he established a year ago with deterring fraud in the Hurricane Katrina relief effort, citing as evidence money returned to the Red Cross and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.


The report released at the meeting said that by Oct. 17, 2005, the task force had charged 36 people in 17 cases with hurricane-related fraud. By Sept. 6, 2006, Gonzales said that number had grown to more than 400 people charged in more than 30 federal judicial districts around the nation.

Most task force prosecutions in the past year involved fraud in obtaining individual assistance benefits from FEMA and the Red Cross, the report said.

But congrats toCNN’s Terry Frieden who opened the story on this with this line…

More than 400 people — including government and charity workers — have been charged so far with illegally benefiting from Hurricane Katrinaand the ensuing flooding (emphasis mine)

I’m not sure I’ve seen that before but here’s hoping that becomes the standard