New AP-Ipsos Poll Spells Trouble for the GOP

Chimpy gained a bit of ground in the latestAP-Ipsos Poll (registered voters) but his party is in deep shit.

Bush Job Approval

39% Approve (33% last month)

60% Disapprove (57% last month)

If congressional elections were held today would you vote for a Democrat or a Republican?

Dem: 51%

Rep: 39%

No matter how you will vote in November, if the election for Congress were held today, would you want to see the Republicans or Democrats win control of Congress?

Dem: 52%

Rep: 38%

Who do you trust to do a better job of …? Protecting the Country: [The first poll I can recall where Democrats are rated higher than Republikkkans on national security.]

Dem: 42%

Rep: 41%

Handling the economy:

Dem: 52%

Rep: 34%

Handling the situation in Iraq:

Dem: 44%

Rep: 39%