Testing Pakistani Patience

Musharef (who, btw, is meeting with the Chimp today) may go along withshit like this but I doubt that the overwhelming majority of Pakistanis will for long.

Six US helicopters ‘intruded’ into North Waziristan Agency, ‘violating’ Pakistan’s air space, Dawn newspaper reported quoting officials and local residents.

This is the first such report since the Pakistan government signed an agreement with the tribal chiefs of Waziristan two weeks ago to stop all military operation in the area, indicating increased pace of action by the US military.

In a report from Miramshah, the region’s principal city, the newspaper quoted eyewitnesses that the US helicopters intruded into Lawara Mandi area, about 55 km west of Miramshah, ‘after militants attacked allied forces in Pipali area of Afghanistan, close to Pakistani border.’

Witnesses said that the helicopters ‘violated Pakistani air space more than six times’ in the area Tuesday morning, but did not undertake any military action.


Sources said that constant air space violations by US helicopters ‘triggered tension’ and senior military officers flew in helicopters from Miramshah to assess the situation.

The report did not indicate from where the US helicopters had taken off. The US maintains military presence in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

As per media reports, US and NATO officials operating in Afghanistan have said that they were authorised to take military action, without consulting Islamabad if they suspected any objectionable operation.