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Woodward’s book is a blockbuster, sure to set tongues to wagging for weeks, but he’ll have some competition fromthe new Powell bio as well.

Washington Post associate editor Karen DeYoung, in an excerpt from her forthcoming biography of the former US chief diplomat in the Post Sunday, said [Colin] Powell told Bush that the coming Iraqi elections and US promotion of democracy for the country were not likely to quell the insurgency.

He also warned that divisions between the State Department and the politically more powerful Department of Defense were undermining Bush’s global diplomatic efforts, including in problem areas like the North Korean nuclear problem and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

However, DeYoung wrote, Powell, who had been asked by the White House to resign several weeks before, found Bush dismissive and unconcerned, as unwilling to heed his top diplomat’s warnings as he had been for the previous four years.

Powell afterward called the meeting, a formal final face-to-face between the two men before Powell would be replaced by Condoleezza Rice, as “really strange”, DeYoung said. “The president didn’t know why I was there,” Powell said.

4 thoughts on “Book Time

  1. “The president didn’t know why I was there,”___your name here__
    I find this completely and utterly and fasmagorically comprehensible and fathomable.

  2. yet another vision of the thrid reich. the supreme leader as detached psychopath.

  3. No question, Bush knows why he is there. He is there to provide a pretty face for Cheney to hide behind as he manipulates the government to squeeze out the maximum in dollars for himself and his cohorts. And, as a bonus, he is there to reflect back the abysmal ignorance of the voting public.

  4. Hmm, comment missing, I try again
    But look at how stupid Powell is, “global diplomatic efforts.”
    That’s as stupid as dirt.
    ps-sniff, “global diplomatic efforts.”
    That’s dumber than tungsten!
    And don’t get all geekie metallurgical on me either!

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