They’re in Big Trouble

The Republicans can spin, deny and minimize all they want but when you’ve lost the shrillness of Malkin and Bay Buchanan, well you’re in a world of hurt…


What I am hearing from some conservatives inclined to pooh-pooh Foley’s behavior and carry on about Barney Frank instead does not sit well with me. You can’t possibly read Foley’s communications with minors that have been disclosed so far–including his attempts to rendezvous with one–and dismiss them as merely “naughty e-mails.” Yet, that’s how White House press secretary Tony Snow described some of them this morning. Though he admitted to being too “glib” and “clarified” those remarks with tougher words this afternoon, the damage has been done. Fair or not, it makes the White House look flippant about sexual predation. Parents of all political persuasions are not going to be receptive to that.


There is a time and place for attacking the Dems and the MSM. Now is not that time. Parents need assurance that their kids are safe on Capitol Hill. If Beltway GOP elites can’t understand this, they are beyond hope.

Then there is Bay Buchanan onCNNtoday…

BAY BUCHANAN, AMERICAN CAUSE: You know — I tell you what, I don’t know who knew what when and who is remembering correctly. I know one thing, that e-mail they call an overly friendly e-mail, that had predator stamped all over it. There’s just no one in this country that can suggest otherwise.

You’re in a leadership position. You have a colleague that you know is at least a potential predator. And we have the pages coming through his office every day. They had an obligation, that same day, to investigate him further, to call in the FBI, if that was an appropriate action, and also to call in those pages, and make certain every one of them was interviewed to see if there’s any problems here that goes deeper than what they already knew.

They failed — they failed the parents of this country, is what they did.

Excuse me I’m off to the fainting couch

8 thoughts on “They’re in Big Trouble

  1. the microchip in malkin’s brain must be broken.

  2. This just proves that there is a limit, however subterranean it is, to what some of the wing nuts can tolerate. I’m betting that by Wednesday both “ladies” will be back in form.

  3. Wait…the GOP has elites? Fuck me, all this time I thought they were all men of the earth.

  4. Who are these people again? I don’t believe we have ever heard from THEM before.

  5. I will be dipped in Rush Limbaugh’s old scripts.
    Who the hell is ghostwriting for Michelle???

  6. NOW who’s cutting and running, eh, girls? What ever happened to the Loyalty Oath you took–All Republicans are Good Men (and Not-Men), Therefore All Their Actions are Above Reproach.

  7. well, they is women and foley likes boys. talk about slapped in the face. and that makes him a GAY one and they don’t like that shit out in the open. behind closed doors is fine.

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