Your Monday Morning Republican Juggernaut Update

Unlike her opponent in the Florida senate campaign, Bill Nelson, Rep. Katherine Harris has yet to issue a statement regarding alleged pedophile Mark Foley who’s former congressional district abuts that of Harris.

Apparently Harris has nothing to say about pedophilia within her own caucus, but she has plenty to say aboutchurches involving themselves in politics despite the manyillegalities that topic entails.

“The big fallacy among believers — among Christians, actually; it doesn’t exist in other venues — is that they feel that there’s a separation of church and state,” she comments, “and so many times pastors believe that they shouldn’t engage in the political process.” And to that, she says: “There couldn’t be anything more contrary to the truth.”

Consequently, says Harris, her passion is to encourage everyone to vote and to be engaged in the political process — “but even more so, those who are in churches who somehow are under the misconception that they should not be involved.”

One thought on “Your Monday Morning Republican Juggernaut Update

  1. ummm…excuse me, but – HUH? seperation between church and state is a -misconception – a fallacy? okay look, if you’re telling church-going folk to get out the vote that’s one thing. but…well i’m “preaching to the choir” here. just when i thought my brain couldn’t take any more stupid, here’s some more to digest. please – make it stop!

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