Accountability and New Leadership Now


Among the options being considered by senior Republicans is for Mr. Hastert to announce that he will stay on as speaker through this year but not seek re-election to the post assuming Republicans retain control of the House, said people on and off Capitol Hill who were involved in the discussions. They said the advantage of such a step would be to postpone a disruptive leadership fight until after Election Day.


But across Washington, Republicans debated whether the party could begin putting the matter behind it without some gesture to acknowledge the political uproar and demands for accountability, including changes to the House leadership.

Gestures (short of resignation now) do not address the problem. Why should Hastert who neglected his responsibility for perhaps years be allowed one more day? Bad leadership is bad leadership…yesterday, today and tomorrow. A promise to leave later is accountability? This from the party that lectures the world right and left on not rewarding bad behavior? Nuh uh. Hastert should go now.

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    the trouble with republicans being in power is that getting rid of one scumbag is never enough; there’s always another one worse than the first, waiting in the wings…Hastert hands off to Boehmer, impeaching the bushliar-criminal and next up is the cheney-maggot…really sux.

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