The Stupidity

It’s not that I thought these guys were sensitive to people. But I would have thought by now they would be sensitive to the politics of people’s sensibilities.

Flanked by local Republicans and over 20 of their young children in the student center at Daemen College, Reynolds, R-Clarence, held a news conference Monday evening, saying that there are two sets of e-mail and instant message correspondence, and he was aware of “overly friendly chit-chat” between former Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla., and a 16-year-old former page but didn’t know about the more explicit conversations.

Reynolds called the second set “despicable” and “disgusting,” and said he called for Foley’s immediate resignation once he read them on Friday.

Republicans can continue to flank themselves with their children and say chatty emails are not disgusting IM’s but at this point soccer moms and NASCAR dads will just be thinking ICK (and probaly wonder how could you bring your own kids to this)


2 thoughts on “The Stupidity

  1. I saw the video that Aravosis linked to and, I’ll tell you what’s “despicable” and “disgusting”: surrounding yourself with moms and children for this news conference. What does it mean except that you’re afraid to take questions about the substance of the scandal and your part in the coverup?

  2. Word is at FDL, if I read it correctly, is that Reynolds rented the daycare facility as a prop for this photo op
    I s^&t you not
    rented them as a prop
    Hell maybe we should rent Michael Jackson to ask the questions at the next photo op urrhh uhmmm ‘news’ conference

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