Never Met the Man

Reader BK is having some difficulty reconcilingthis statement by Denny the Meatpuppet

Foley served nearly 12 years in Congress and was regarded as an energetic and capable lawmaker. But he barely registered on the senior GOP leadership’s radar screen.“I’ve never had a conversation with him,” said Speaker J. Dennis Hastert. “Other than his vote on a tariff matter at one time or another, I think.”

…with this photo (ht –Democratic Underground).

Can anyone help BK out here?

4 thoughts on “Never Met the Man

  1. just because your mouth is too full of steak to speak, does not mean one never had a conversation with someone.
    fat fuck.

  2. reminds one of a certain, ahem, distancing (rats-deserting-a-sinking-ship) we witnessed with old Jack Abramoff

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