The Ponies Are Back

Chimpy’s job approval ratings are heading south again. Yesterday saw the release of a newCNN Poll dropping him back down to 39% approval, as well as a newNBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll that also has him at 39%, down from 42%.

Scout mentioned one aspect of the NBC/WSJ poll yesterday, here are more details.

The damage [from the Foley scandal] was evident in a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll, showing that, by 41% to 18%, Americans say that news they “have seen and heard over the past few weeks” has made them less favorable toward continued Republican control of Congress. By 34%-23% they called themselves more favorably inclined toward Democratic control. The survey, conducted last weekend, also shows a decline in Mr. Bush’s job-approval rating to 39% from 42% earlier this month.


A 46% plurality of Americans now say the war in Iraq is hurting the nation’s ability to win the fight against terrorism. That is up from 32% earlier this month when Americans were nearly evenly split on whether the war is helping, hurting or not making a difference in fighting terrorism.


The survey shows Democrats — who need a net gain of 15 House seats and six Senate seats to recapture control of Capitol Hill — holding a nine-percentage-point edge, 48%-39%, on the question of which party voters want to control Congress after the election. That is unchanged from early this month.


By 57%-37%, voters say America’s safety from terrorism doesn’t depend on success in Iraq, which has been a central assertion of Mr. Bush and Republican congressional candidates. And by 61%-29%, voters say Iraq is now in a state of civil war — a conclusion the White House has tried to forestall in the belief it would further erode support for Mr. Bush’s policy there. Even Republicans, by 47%-39%, share that assessment.