5 thoughts on “Typo?

  1. I think not.
    And Monica is retroactively younger and younger too. Hannity referred to her as “a teenager.”
    some truthiness from -not ironically-the gay porn “magazine” Nightcharm, a great take on Foley:

    The most striking thing about the emails that Mark Foley sent a 16-year-old Congressional page is how much like a 16-year-old he sounds himself:
    “I just emailed Will,” he writes, at full gush, not slowing to punctuate. “hes such a nice guy … acts much older than his age … and hes in really great shape … i am just finished riding my bike on a 25 mile journey now heading to the gym … whats school like for you this year?'”
    It’s the sort of naive twittering you might find in a diary entry on MySpace. At any moment you expect the 52-year-old Congressman to tick off a list of his “likes” in the manner of the moonstruck girls on that site (“hugs, making friends, soda, cookies, marshmallows, music”) — but then, as if carried away by the momentum, adding “bubble butts, circle jerks…”

  2. I’m sure it was an honest mistake – they just assumed that anyone who was a gay borderline pedophile simply *had* to be a Democrat.
    I’m sure they’ll issue a correction and apology sometime in mid-November.

  3. Maybe Karl got him to switch parties before resigning,
    Did Rove hafta waterboard him to get him to do that?

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