11 thoughts on “Caption Contest!!

  1. “But George, you have to listen. It’s not a joke about what’s so great about showering with a 9 year old. I’m telling you from personal experience…”
    “Whatever, Mark, whatever, just make the check payable to me.”

  2. Foley, if they ain’t at least this old, you gotta throw ’em back.

  3. Bush: “Nah, I didn’t read those pre-war assessments, they had, like,” [Gestures] “a million pages! Screw all those pages, right Markie Mark?” Foley: “My sentiments exactly, sir.” Brownie: “I don’t get it.”

  4. “Whaddya mean, you’ve got someone you need to go “visit,” Maffie? Get back here and listen to mah perch story!”
    “I’m listening, sir.”
    “Shut up, Brownie.”

  5. But my “Scotty’s” better looking than your “Scotty”.

  6. Bush: I hope that holding my hands like this -looking like I’m measuring a penis- never shows up on one of Holden’s caption contests.
    Foley: That Holden is a scamp. I hear he is 16 and HOT. I hope that I will be able to have sexual intercourse with him because I like to have buttsex with underage children. But don’t tell anyone please.
    Brownie: My lips are sealed. I’m good a covering up terrible things that happen in this country.
    FOX caption based on what they heard massaged to meet their requirements.
    Bush: I hold hope in my hands.
    Foley: I hope because of the children
    Brownie: I’m good.

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