Hastert, Laesch and the 50-state strategy

So Dennis Hastert’s a complete scumbag, and a bad liar to boot. Wow, color me shocked.

Should he resign his leadership post tomorrow, it’s still not enough. He needs to resign from Congress. Immediately.

And then Rahm Emanuel, Richie The Boy King and everybody else who calledJohn Laesch’s congressional campaignquixotic needs to wake the fuck up and smell the burning corpse of the GOP. Because, honestly. This why, as Scout said to me earlier today, we need this 50-state strategy. Eh, we didn’t think we could win so much up in Hastert’s district, so we’ll let a good guy, a vet, hang out up there with no help. Until Hastert fucked up all on his own you couldn’t pay the national committee to give a shit.

Boy, wouldn’t it be incredibly useful to have a candidate up there now who had zillions of dollars to burn, huh? Wouldn’t it be something if Daley and Sens. Durbin and Man-On-God Obama had been making a big noisy fuss all along about this guy? Wouldn’t that have been nice?

You can’t take advantage of a GOP cock-up of monumental proportions if you wrote the district off for dead months ago. This is why we have to fight every fight whether we can win it or not, and don’t talk to me about money. When have Democrats, actual rank-and-file voters like what you need to get elected, ever failed to inspire with their generosity and spirit?

I know nobody could have predicted this, but that’s exactly the point. We’ve got to be everywhere. Because seriously, you think this is gonna be the last time they screw up?


9 thoughts on “Hastert, Laesch and the 50-state strategy

  1. That 50 state program is only for angry libruls ya know.
    Foley’s seat is our cause we ran somebody for it.
    Hastert’s should be ours too after this.
    Good thing we had somebody running for it.
    What are these people hiding that is so bad that they would cover the foley guy & keep him under cover? They seem a little too desperate to hang onto power.

  2. He’s still running, Sheep, just not getting enough love from the national money men.

  3. Unfortunately, Foley’s seal will be ours with a Repub-lite, Rahm Emanuel special. Not much of an upgrade, all in all.

  4. We’ve got the same situation here in IL-15. David Gill, one of the straightest shooters you’ll ever meet, is fighting tooth and claw against Tim Johnson, one of the sleaziest characters who ever became a Republican. Two years ago, with John Laesch as his campaign manager, no experience, and $100,000 in small donations for the entire campaign, pulled in 39%. This year, in an increasingly purple district, he’s doubled what he had last time. Dr. Gill is an emergency room doctor, still married to the same great lady, 4 beautiful children, and one of the most attractive and charismatic candidates anyone could want, can’t get the time of day from the D.C. Dems. With enough money for media to introduce him to the public, this district could be ours. The sad thing is that this is not that expensive a media market. We’re all working our hearts out to get him elected. Anyone who wants to show him a little love can check him out at http://www.gill2006.com and contribute on his secure account.

  5. So who’s running? Is it too late for a write-in for the good guy, the vet, left hanging out with no $$$?
    Because, Seriously. Screw the DLC and let’s take it back now. The votes are there and the Force is with us, let’s not muck this up.

  6. Back in 1994, an insipid conservative wingnut named George Nethercutt ran another Quixotic race against a sitting Speaker. He targeted Tom Foley in the Washington State 5th who was thought initially to be more invincable at home than in DC where he was a compromise Speaker.
    The conservative GOP “conservative revolutionaries” backed George despite seeing it more a symbolic race than an opportunity. For months, lightweight Nethercutt, armed with the GOP warchest, charged and battered that “other” Foley with the now very quaint sounding term limits plank in the Gingrich platform. Foley, he said, had been there too long, lost touch with Washington State, become corrupted with power and the Democratic Party leadership needed a real kick in the teeth.
    Not a soul thought that Nethercutt would actually win.
    He did, of course. Tom lost narrowly but embarassingly. It was the electoral flouish of the Gingrich revolution.
    It should be noted that Nethercutt did not keep his repeated promises to serve for no more than 3 terms and served for 5 (oh surprise!) before opting to press his mediocrity further up the ladder. Ironically, that broken promise was likely the issue that the nailed the door shut when he tried (stupidly) to win Patty Murray’s Senate seat in 2004 and was soundly defeated. The 5th district remains in GOP hands however.
    Hassert is incredibly more vulenrable than Tom Foley ever was. That was true before anybody ever heard of this Foley from Florida. And John Laesch is 10 times the challenger candidate that Nethercutt was. The DNC and DCCC should be throwing Laesch wads of money and support.
    There are lessons we should be have learned from 1994.
    Number one: Give no quarter. Revolutions are not won by the timid.*
    I just sent a donation to Laesch. I’m ashamed that I didn’t do it sooner.
    * The bigger lesson, of course, is that winning is only half the battle. When you get there you (eventually, anyway) actually have to lead.

  7. Damn straight. I am SO damn sick of “nobody could have predicted” as an excuse on BOTH sides. Because some of us can predict quite well, thanks. And have been saying just what was going to happen for six years now. And every time we’re proved right, it’s “oh, nobody could have predicted…”
    Enough. The entire point of government is to provide some guidance into the future and prepare for it. If you can’t do that, DON’T RUN FOR OFFICE. Get out of the way, and let those who can lead and govern do so.

  8. Right on, Athenae.
    Without the support of the DCCC or Obama or the Netroots oligarchs, John Laesch has taken in about 30 grand through ACTBLUE in the last week, money he badly needs to get his message out.
    Luckily, we have had some of the infrastructure in YK, DK, ActBlue, candidate training and blogs like this to keep John going, but only a true hero and a patriot like John would have kept up this Sisyphean task.
    Laesch will make history.

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