The Buck Stops with Soros

There istranscript here for Hastert’s rather short press conference though it is lacking as the questions are not included.

Hastert stated he’s not resigning and… “I’m sorry — you know, when you talk about the page issue and what’s happened in the Congress, I’m deeply sorry that this has happened. And the bottom line is that we’re taking responsibility, because ultimately, as someone has said in Washington before: The buck stops here.

But then the first question which I transcribed from tape was this…

Q:…this morning in the Tribune you were reported as saying that people who want to see this thing blow up are ABC News and a lot of Democratic operatives, people funded by George Soros. Are you maintaining Mr. Speaker that this story was fueled by political operatives?

HASTERT:On that point, I only know what I’ve seen in the press and what I’ve heard. There’s no ultimate, real source of information, but that’s what I’ve read. And that’s what I’ve heard in the press.

And so the fact is: We’ve turned this whole thing over to the FBI for us to try to find out what happened. And that’s what we want to do. And any member of Congress that is involved in this or any staffer needs to comply and the results will be there.

HASTERT: And that’s what we want to do. And any member of Congress that is involved in this, or any staffer, needs to comply. And the results will be there.

Nothing has changed here. Hastert still doesn’t get it and he is not taking responsibility. He should resign and as in his own words there is “no real source of information” for his crazy charges he should repudiate them now.