The Company You Keep

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Maintaining Republikkkan control of the House is more important than protecting teenagers from predatory pederasts according toLaura Bush.

First lady Laura Bush came to Buffalo on Wednesday to praise Rep. Thomas M. Reynolds as “a wonderful leader for New York,” but the congressman from Clarence was still drawn deeper into the quagmire surrounding a disgraced Florida congressman and the racy e-mails he sent to a House page.


“Tom’s dedication to the people of New York and his achievements remind us of why he must be re-elected to the United States Congress,” Bush said. “Tom understands that America faces challenges too important to be reduced to just politics.”

She never once directly mentioned the controversy surrounding Foley and Democratic accusations that Reynolds did not do enough to find out why or what Foley was communicating with former pages. She made one oblique reference, following a list of Bush administration goals the congressman supported.

“To accomplish them, we must have serious national conversations, conducted with civility and respect,” she said. “And Tom Reynolds is a thoughtful and positive part of that dialogue.”


But outside the Marriott and the chicken salad lunch for which Reynolds supporters paid $150 each, the congressman found a much different atmosphere. For the third day in a row, he held a news conference in which he vigorously defended his conduct as a member of the GOP’s top leadership.

He again explained that his only knowledge of Foley’s behavior came in early warnings about overly friendly but not sexually explicit e-mails the Florida congressman was exchanging with pages. He also found himself reacting to Novak’s column.

“Reynolds confirmed that he did urge Foley, as he urged nearly all incumbents, who had not made up their minds, to run again,” Novak reported. “Yet, the questionable e-mails – not the subsequently revealed explicit instant messages – had been known to House GOP authorities long before Foley decided to run.”

In a news conference after the fundraiser, Reynolds explained his reason.

“I wanted every single incumbent to run, and that includes Mr. Foley,” he said. “It’s just a fact that members do a much better job of running.”

4 thoughts on “The Company You Keep

  1. Hard to say. He might be covertly-assfucking her, but given the wax dummy expression she always wears, it’s hard to tell.
    —Aaaargh, who thought he was commenting at Wonkette

  2. This guy is NRCC chairman and he has Laura campaigning for him? Must be in deep trouble in his own district.
    We don’t see Bill Clinton or Hillary campaigning for Rahm Emanual.

  3. Is it just me or does Laura appear to be a “human shield” for this guy? If I could find my old Jimmy Carter caricature Halloween mask, I’d spend election day hiding at the entrance of the polls and leaping out to see how many Kool-Aid drinkers I could scare away.

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