Makes Me Giggle

While campaigning for Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) in the Philadelphia suburbs today, former President George H.W. Bush warned of a “ghastly” future for his son and other Americans if “wild Democrats” take over Congress.

“I would hate to think what Arlen’s life would be like, what Rick’s life would be like, and what my son’s life would be like if we lose control of the Congress,” said former President George Bush in a reference to Pennsylvania’s two Republican Senators. “If we have some of these wild Democrats in charge of these committees, it will be a ghastly thing for our country.”

“They’d be pushing through all kinds of crazy legislation,” he added, “And they would be issuing the subpoenas, dragging people in just to be getting headlines.”

The former President made his remarks at a Santorum fundraiser at a private residence in Gladwyne, PA that was also attended by Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA).


10 thoughts on “Makes Me Giggle

  1. Was their a fainting couch closeby? The poor dear had the vapors.
    Ghastly, indeed! We can only hope.

  2. Frankly, I dream of what his son’s life would be like if wild Democrats take over Congress. I hope I see it.

  3. “Democrats on a Plane” – the latest terror movie.
    And could someone tell me how this wouold be crazier than some of the statments that Santorum has said?

  4. Reminiscent of GHW Bush’s warning of stock market collapse if his opponent, Bill Clinton, became president.
    33% of Americans must be morons.

  5. Assuming the basic intelligence of Americans is distrbuted on a normal curve, about 15.8% would have intelligence 1 std. deviation or more below the mean. So then, in this example, about the lower half of those within 1 std. dev. are morons too. “Average” intelligence isn’t enough to figure out this bull? Maybe there’s a causation effect with political affiliation? Hmm…maybe I just found my disseration.
    So. friggin. sad.

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