Your Friday Morning Republican Juggernaut Update

They held a rare meet-n-greet with both Florida Senate candidates inLakeland yesterday. Katherine Harris came out swinging, landing two blows to her own chin.

During their brief speeches, Harris took shots at [Sen. Bill] Nelson on taxes and immigration while Nelson, who is well ahead in the polls, avoided any attacks.

“Bill Nelson voted against the death (inheritance) tax and against doubling the child tax credit,” Harris said. [D’Oh! I thought Republikkkans wanted to end the “death” tax!]

“We have a wonderful state . . . but it is bursting with illegal immigration,” she said.

“We need someone there to take care of these problems and not just show up.We can’t afford (the immigration bill) that Bill Nelson supported.”

That bill was sponsored by Republican Mel Martinez, the state’s junior U.S. senator.

As my bud Mel Gibson might say, nice one, Sugar Titts!

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