Does Laura Roslin Have to Airlock a Bitch? Galactica Thread

Hot chicks. Yeah, I have a thing for Pre-New Caprica Starbuck’s hair.

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Okay, first of all, if you, like me, would like to have Jacob recap not just Galactica butyour whole life, raise your hand:

And that’s the end of the cruel story of the Pegasus, who lasted longer than any of us thought she would: the ghosts onboard are just as much to blame for Gina as Gaius is, and now she is sacrificed to redeem humanity of New Caprica’s mistakes. We only really knew her for a short time, specifically almost the entire time I’ve been recapping, so there’s not that much to say. But she faced things. She looked them right in the eye and she didn’t flinch, which is something that happens a lot on Galactica: they second-guess. They worry. When you think about what she’s gone through since the attack on the Colonies, the blood and the screams not even Lee could entirely wash out of the floors and the walls: she didn’t give up, in the end. She was more like them than they could admit. She didn’t worry. She didn’t second-guess. She acted. She did what she thought needed to be done, and she survived. Might be hard to admit, or hard to hear, but we were safer with her than we are without, no matter what her history. And they’ve become more like her, in the last two years, than any of us could have imagined possible.

Go buy his book already.

First off, I want to say fuck the entireconservative blogosphere for being so totally limited in their imaginations. I’m not surprised, but that doesn’t mean I’m not pissed. If you think there’s no parallel to the French Resistance you are, like Jonah, a pathetic Mummy’s boy wetting himself with joy that he’s finally found a good spot to host his outrage orgy. If you think there’s no parallels to Northern Ireland, either, if your historical scope is so limited that your only conception of an insurgency fighting an occupier is the US and Iraq, I suggest you do some more reading before you’re allowed to handle pop culture’s pointier objects. For your own safety.

Watching the conservatives run around like that kid inParenthood with the bucket on his head, it strikes me that I wouldn’t even be arguing that it’s Iraq if they hadn’t brought it up so angrily and loudly. It’s a classic case of protesting too much. They could just as easily have written impenatrable warblogging screeds about the horrors that are necessary to keep the peace and the things we all do in war, and how easily roles can change, and isn’t it all fascinating in a detached kind of way. Goldstein and Hanson could have gone on and on about how high-minded they were, being able to turn an occupation on its head, and talk about how different things look from the other side, but maintaining nonetheless that though tactics might be identical, motivations are different, as they always are from one conflict to another, from one oppressor to another.

They could have done that, but instead, they wanked so hard I’m surprised it hasn’t justsnapped right off. I haven’t seen this much sci-fi masturbation since George Lucas decided it was his story and he’d tell it the way he wanted to, the icon for this post notwithstanding. By acting like afictional TV show is going to bring down the Holy Roman Whatsit we’re creating in Babylon, all these demented wingnut fanboys are doing is proving once again that much as we might wish they’d enlist, and encourage them to do so, deep down we’re all really grateful they’re not allowed near live ammo. They can’t stop licking the mirror long enough to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, the story they’re telling themselves in their heads is not the only one ever told, that they’re not the central characters in it, that they’re not even the storytellers for fuck’s sake. Sometimes I wonder if any of themsaw the first season. All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again. What unfathomable arrogance, to think we Americans are the only examples, to only use ourselves to relate this crazy space world to our own.

Okay, that’s out of my system.


On to the show.

I love that they telegraphed the tribunals being by presidential command, though I thought at first it was Roslin’s. She’s like that. She can be nasty as hell. Still, passive voice on this show always signifies something: “the circle was established.” They never said, until the end, by whom.

So I get that it’s chaotic and crowded and whatnot. How is it not your first decision to grab all the high-profile “collaborators” and stick them in their own private quarters or even the brig for their own safety? How does Adama not suggest that, or simply have it done? If there are deleted scenes on the DVD, I’d like them to be of resolving that. Adama’s not that dumb.

I didn’t buy Anders dropping off the Crazy Revolutionary Train quite that quick, and not for Gaeta of all people. Plus, if you’ve already voted and sentenced them, why let them speak? From a practical standpoint, I mean. If they did what they did, it doesn’t matter if they’re sorry, and it’s the begging that’s more monstrous than the killing, the encouraging them to cry out for mercy when you know there’s no mercy coming, no terrible swift sword, not on the prisoners’ side, anyway.

Oh, Starbuck. Leoben got you good, twisted any dreams of domesticity you might have had into something so ugly you couldn’t even love the good man in front of you, couldn’t stand how much you wanted to be what he saw when he looked at you. Good girl, in a way, for telling him to get out of the way of your fist so you can just punch the wall instead, basically. That shows growth from the days with Lee, when you’d have made him stick around to frack you and abused him anyway.

So I guess this means any hot hot hot Laura/Zarek sex is totally out the airlock, too, right? Damn.

Could the Cylons shampoo Baltar, now that he’s in their custody?

That is all. Talk amongst yourselves.


11 thoughts on “Does Laura Roslin Have to Airlock a Bitch? Galactica Thread

  1. This episode didn’t too much for me.
    It was serviceable and moved the plot along but it didn’t ever get up off the page. I don’t think it was just let-down after the high of last week, either.
    Lots of intrinsically dramatic events were happening, but I thought it remained cerebral, cool, distant. It didn’t make me care and some of it just seemed false.

  2. Could the Cylons shampoo Baltar?
    Excellent observation. My hypothesis is that #6 is slowly oozing out of Baltar’s head for some insidious reason, giving him a grease factor somewhere around an Orange County high school production of West Side Story 1965.

  3. Now that Baltar is with the cylons, when are they going to give him that big, round rotating chair on top of the tall platform?
    One problem I have with the Starbuck plotline: I’d like them to explain at some point why they did that to her. Was she the only one undergoing that kind of bizarre socialization experiment? Seemed like a lot of trouble to go to just to mess with the head of one person.
    I like Tigh a lot better now without Ellen around. He chews up a lot of scenery.

  4. Can all the wingnuts just please fuck off and not even taint our show with their viewership? With sci-fi TV in general, they either never get the point or they take all the wrong ideas from it ala Karl Rove and B5.

  5. Karl Rove and B5?
    Huh? Did Rove watch B5 or something- eeeww, I feel my love that show has been tainted.

  6. Do you think Chris Hitchens sees something like #6 when he’s doing talk shows? He seems about as loopy as Baltar. He’s got that mumbly, upper-class British accent and boozy delivery. And I think he’s got just about as much moral clarity as a guy who’d sell out the human race to a bunch of robots.

  7. Now I’m buying the Starbuck as mommy plotline even less than I was last week. How the frack could she undergo that severe a u-turn inthree days?
    From being willing to sacrifice her safety for the sake of a kid she’d just met – who could very well be a Cylon — to a nearly psychotic avenger who can’t trust herself around the man she loves?
    Nope. This is totally not working for me. They’re turning Starbuck into a caricature and I do not like it.
    But I am pleased that my prediction they were gonna have to get Anders and Dualla out of the way is starting to come true.
    As for the tribunals, I kept wishing one of the sentenced — preferably Gaeta — would stand up after they pushed him to his knees and dare them to do something about it.

  8. BTW – is this where I get to vote that Tori (sp?) – Roslin’s aide – is a Cylon? Cuz I think she is.

  9. Hitchens has as firm a grasp of reality as a thalidomide baby has on a greased pig
    To hell with grandeur, that buffoon now has to settle for having delusions of coherence

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