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Looking back, the whole Dixie Chicks controversy now just seems absurd.

People say what Maines said all the time now, and hardly anyone blinks.

That’s something we should keep in mind the next time a wave of outrage sweeps the country: The hatefest might sound fun at the time, but in three years, you might wind up feeling silly, with nothing but a pile of busted albums to show for it.


4 thoughts on “Chicks

  1. My headline at the time (which I was very proud of)
    I got a bunch of hits from people looking for chicks with dicks, but it was worth it.

  2. L’affaire Maines was only an issue in the world of country music, with its flag-waving ‘values’ exclusive of any dissent. One of the Electoral College’s sins is to help us forget that even the reddest state is 40-45% Democratic. Country’s self-appointed guardians fight all the harder as the shadows of such as the Chicks, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and others, with their heterodoxy and their great music, loom over their little world.

  3. Great column, as always, Athenae. And just to show you how much I appreciate all you do, here’s a special story for you to check out:
    It’s a happy ferret story. If you can get past the guy’s weird freezer, that is. He’s a strange fellow, but he’s really, really nice to animals!

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