Your Tuesday Afternoon Republican Juggernaut Update

Oh, I’m going to miss this campaign.

I visitedKatherine Harris’s campaign website this afternoon to see if she had posted any post-debate remarks. I found none, so I decided to peruse her photo gallery.

Here’s what I found under the heading, “Broward County Young Republican Club Meeting”.

I know there are many retirees in Florida, but this is ridiculous.

6 thoughts on “Your Tuesday Afternoon Republican Juggernaut Update

  1. Hanging around Katherine Harris’ website? You gotta be careful about that kind of stuff. Your palms could start getting hairy.

  2. They’re young in spirit, and there’s free Rogaine after the meeting, so its all good.

  3. It is the Young Republican. You can see her sitting in the middle of the first row, between her grandparents. They are hoping to recruit another youngster next year, then it can be the Young Republicans Club.

  4. Hey! Take it easy. I would fit in very well there, and I’m young. Youth is a state of mind, not an age. Ms Harris considers herself very young, very sexy, very…excuse me…gotta run to the john.

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