3 thoughts on “Fearless Predictions

  1. Well Karl’s November surprise with Haggard certainly seems to be providing that last push of momentum to take the Republicans to victory, doesn’t it?
    There’s still 3 days left to start bombing Iran. Maybe that’s the lovely surprise we’ll get during tomorrow’s presidential radio address…

  2. So, assuming that your gain of six in the Senate includes Leiberman, does “Party of One” Joe bail out on the Dems, to turn 51 – 49 into 50 – 50, putting the Republicans *back* in charge?

  3. I am sure that this is Lieberman’s plan… P.S. Does anyone think its possible the Republicans will hack voter machines in some districts to go the Democrats way, then, after the elections, demand inspections of machines and challenge the results, putting the results in question? I think this is their october surprise…and I think this is why Drudgereport has a story on this right now…because they are going to plant it in the heads of others in charge that Dems may hack the machines, while in fact the Repugs will do the hacking.

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