7 thoughts on “Must Be True

  1. I find the ‘gay affair’ headline under a picture of him w/ Shrub rather humourous.
    Thor Heyerdahl

  2. What is up with the flamer convention?
    W sure has a posse of pirates!
    Velvet mafia indeed! If he gets pictured with one more closet case, I say we invite him out in the open and he and Jeff Gannon/Guckert can co-host the nest pride parade …
    Jeez – gives us gay guys a bad name …

  3. This couldn’t come at a better time. I just saw a new Survey USA poll in CO-04 that shows it a statistical tie. The race had been very much Marilyn Musgrave’s only a few weeks ago, but the trend has been strongly toward Angie Paccione. All it will take is a few evangelical wingnuts deciding not to vote. This issue could do that, since the main thing that would have given the evangelicals motivation to GOTV was the amendment banning gay marriage.
    Pleasepleaseplease. I sooooo want Angie as my Congresscritter!

  4. “Haggard is a firm supporter of President George W. Bush.”
    Did they mention he’s ‘athletic’?
    Maybe that’s why GFH Bush smirks so much. Supporter too firm.
    — Paul in LA

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