Next Time Is Now

vote someone cares

(New Orleans August 2006)

Next week we vote for change, we vote for those who will care, we vote in remembrance of …

Delia Holloway was 82 and is among the Katrina official death list.

“She died with one of her feet on the floor, as though she was trying to get out of bed. The foot had rotted from the leg. Someone had covered her body with clothes. But when Ms Martin tried to remove the clothes, Sis’s face started to come off with it. Just as downstairs bears the flood’s watermark, so the headboard shows the stain her hair made as it splayed out above her head. “She had no face,” Mr Gaines says. “The skin had shrunk right up to the bones on the body and was jet black. All the fluids had run out of her.”*

Get involved, Get out the vote.

(*From the Katrina List of Dead by The Earth Institute at Columbia University)

2 thoughts on “Next Time Is Now

  1. Chilling Scout.
    Thank you for putting that up. Pains me to read it. Pisses me off to know who is behind it.

  2. It IS important to vote but don’t be too easy on the democrats. I am a New Orleanian and the democrats have basically been silent to our cause. The only way they come out ahead is that the miserable republicans have been cruel. Great choice we have.

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