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Added: The information on John Kelly Sr. is quoted from theKatrina victim’s list at The Earth Institute at Columbia University. Included in this list are obituaries and family statements which are poignant, descriptive and terribly sad. Here is more on Mr. Kelly that was not included in the “ad”…

He was very self-sufficient, even in old age. He cooked and cleaned for himself. He has 5 children. His wife of 57 years died in 1966 at age 75. He was a retired truck driver, who was an avid musician who learned to play the piano from his mother. He was a regular fixture at N.O. parties, entertaining with his voice and deft touch on the keys.

10 thoughts on “Now is the time

  1. Wow! That’s almost too powerful for the delicate sensibilities of American voters. But, it needs to be broadcast in all 50 states, now!

  2. Scout, excellent. If I had a spare million, I’d give it to you to run the ad from now until Tuesday.

  3. Very moving, until the end: “Vote Democrat” is not only bad grammar, but it continues a meme started by reactionaries like Joe McCarthy that they would insult Democrats by refusing to refer to the party as “democratic”. More recently people like Phil Gramm and Zell Miller and even Bush himself keep using it. Please don’t let them lure us into corrupting our own language.

  4. I’ve missed a few stories with the focus on the election but after Tuesday back at it. Hopefully we can then be more hopeful for the Gulf…

  5. Well done, Scout. Thank you for all that you do in covering NOLA and the Gulf.
    – joejoejoe

  6. Fabulous.
    Now if we could only really pull off a miracle and vote out Dollar Bill too.
    But I’ll settle for getting the house and getting him locked up while Blanco can still replace him.

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