Project Rewire, the next book in the series of which I was privileged to be a part, is out:

Daubenmier collects the work of some of the most important press critics working today. Bloggers and journalists, they take us through the most important blunders of the mass media, from the 2000 election to the war in Iraq. It’s a litany of missteps, fraught with instances of laziness, lies and manipulation, that leaves the reader with an overwhelming picture of a Fourth Estate for sale.

That’s what I wrote in the Foreword to the book. The book is another great example of how these here Interwebs are changing and charging up our journalism, challenging it to be stronger and better, because we’ve seen the damage done when our journalism fails. Go forth, purchase, and read.


One thought on “Pimping

  1. we have to fix the gnews system as well. i would not be sad to see the end of all teevee gnews channels.

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