20 thoughts on “…and other such non-sense

  1. Stop gay marriage now, so George Bush can be faithful to Laura again.
    Stop gay marriage now, so the Oakland Raiders can win another football game.
    Stop gay marriage now, so people can live in Darfur.

  2. Stop gay marriage now, or they will use up all the good florist flowers!
    Stop gay marriage now, it’s what Roy Cohn would want!
    Stop gay marriage now, or win these valuable prizes! A NEW CAR! A bar base! A home fondu set!

  3. stop gay marriage, so evangelical men marry women to fake they are straight.
    stop gay marriage or the terrists win.
    (did somebody say that?)

  4. your taxes won’t rise.
    God won’t condem America.
    you won’t be forced to become a gay muslim.
    illegal immigration will be stopped.
    Baby Jesus won’t cry.

  5. Stop gay marriage now so that my horse doesn’t cause me to spend that year in college.

  6. so that we don’t have to worry about energy and the environment, and billboards that pollute.
    Seriously though, billboard trucks rank as one of the most vile and disturbing products of marketers, ever. Advertising that pollutes.

  7. …your right to keep guns will be safe.
    …we can spend more on education.
    …we can stop relying on foreign oil.

  8. Stop gay marriage now so that there will be no more gay sex.
    That’s what seems to be motivating many of these people, despite the fact that it doesn’t make any freakin’ sense.

  9. Indeed, I’ll echo Jude. People DO think that if we allow gay marriage then terrorists will strike America–hasn’t Jerry Falwell blamed America’s “permissive” attitude toward homosexuals for things like the 9/11/01 attacks on the WTC and Hurricane Katrina?
    So I think the billboard should read as follows:
    Stop gay marriage now so your cat will stop shedding!

  10. … we can defeat the terrorists.
    Actually, I like Rosanne’s joke: Why do gays want to get married anyway, haven’t they already suffered enough?

  11. Stop gay marriage now so that the rich will stop getting richer.
    Stop gay marriage now so that we can keep more jobs from going overseas.
    Stop gay marriage now so that we can begin to reverse global warming.
    OK, I”ll leave some for a few other people!

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