Juggernaut Update: OUCH! Edition

Wow, they didn’t even let her on the stage with the president. Damn, what row is she in, anyway?

AP Photo/Mari Darr~Welch

So, the politician who will head the Republikkkan ticket in tomorrow’s election has to sit in the stands with the volunteers and phone-bankers, and then she is only mentioned as an afterthought in the Chimp’s remarks along with the candidate for Florida Secretary of Agriculture.

Now that, my friends, is asnub.

I’m proud to be here with Senator Mel Martinez, one of the fine United States senators. (Applause.) Tomorrow you get to vote for a new governor, and I strongly suggest you vote for Charlie Crist to be governor of the state of Florida. (Applause.) He’s experienced, he’s compassionate, and he’ll work hard on behalf of all the citizens of this important state. And while you’re in there voting for Charlie, vote for Katherine Harris for the United States Senate. (Applause.) And Bill McCollum to be the attorney general — (applause) — Tom Lee to be the chief financial officer — (applause) — and if you know anything about agriculture, you’re going to want Charlie Bronson to be your secretary of agriculture. (Applause.)

10 thoughts on “Juggernaut Update: OUCH! Edition

  1. Cruella is looking just a bit … pissed off. Bet she goes home tonight and begins her tell-all book.

  2. Gosh, they all look so happy and excited about seeing the President, and about the election tomorrow. Karin

  3. Bush is an ingrate. Of course we knew that. Mrs. Harris didn’t know it. Now she does.
    Knut Wicksell

  4. If you discount the two older guys – everyone in the frame looks pretty grumpy. Not glum – like “we’re gonna lose this sucka” but pissed. Other than katydid what are the others so mad about?
    Katy is a loser and a jerk but she has been serially abused the the GOP and her president and his brother and even after she gave her whole rep to those bastards.
    It is almost Shakespearean to see her suck up now in the hope that a crumb from King Lear’s table will fall to her.

  5. My guess as to why those people are pissed is that the GOP stiffed them (on pay, for example) or screwed them over (unpaid overtime? having them buy supplies and not reimbursing? telling them that they’re not good enough to meet the bigwigs?)
    Just like when the GWB clown circus rolls into town, and doesn’t bother to pay for the security costs (or hotel & restaurant bills!) that they leave in their wake.
    Because, after all, the GOP has the biggest campaign chest of anyone, EVAR, and what’s the good of being insanely wealthy if you can’t screw over the little people along the way?

  6. I saw her on Greta Van Sustern’s show tonight, and she claimed that she was on stage with a standing ovation of 7,000 supporters. Meanwhile, I had just flipped away from MSNBC where Chris Matthews was laughing about the fact that they didn’t put Harris on stage. Huh. I wonder what the truth is? Gee, that’s a hard one.
    Not that it will matter after tomorrow, but I hope somebody posts the videos.

  7. The expression on the girl’s face on the left says it all.
    “Fk me, THIS bastard is the president? I hate growing up.”
    — Paul in LA

  8. It’s great to be in Florida and hear ads for ‘Charles Bronson for Commissioner of Agriculture’ – Death Wish 6: Citrus Canker
    I’ll still be voting for the Democrat this morning. Will be getting coffee and waiting for polls to open in 4hrs. It’s like Xmas morning!

  9. “Other than katydid what are the others so mad about? ”
    They’re mad because they came out to see their candidate for Governor that they have been working for all year only to get stuck with this schlub with whom no one wants to be seen (except katydid, of course, but she’s desperate).

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