Today, Today, Today

If you do not vote, do not expect me to listen to you bitch.

If you did not help at least one of your favorite candidates, do not expect me to listen to you bitch.

If you did not talk about politics with your family and friends, even if you disagreed, ESPECIALLY if you disagreed, do not expect me to listen to you bitch.

If you did not do everything you could think of to do, find to do, had time to do, wanted to do, do not expect me to listen to you bitch.

Look. We’ve only go so many shots at this. You’ve seen what’s happened in the past two years since we all (by which “we” I mean “everyone who cares about freedom and especially the Kerry campaign”) came up short. You’ve seen the damage done. Child-preying Congressmen ignored. Nuclear secrets posted online. The war’s worsening. The Pinochet Act. The barrage of hatred from every corner of right blogonia and talk radio, unabated by anyone in any position of power whatsoever. New Orleans drowning. More secret detentions, more renditions, more torture. No checks. No balances. No government. No accoutning. No hope.

What will they do in the next two years, if we don’t stop them now?

We’ve only go so many shots at this, and today, the next (checking my watch here) nine and a half hours, that’s our last shot for the next two years.

If you waste it, do not expect me to listen to you bitch tomorrow when things didn’t turn out just as you planned, just as you hoped.

Think about what you’ve done. Ask yourself, win or lose, am I sleeping fine tonight?

If the answer’s no, and you don’t use the next nine and a half hours to rectify that, do not, do not, do not expect me to listen to you bitch.



16 thoughts on “Today, Today, Today

  1. Just voted for McCaskill and in favor of Amendment 2 here in beautiful, foggy St. Louis. Hope everyone else has as easy a time voting as I did.
    ps Long time reader, first time poster on First Draft. Thanks for all the hard work Athenae, Holden, Tena and Scout.

  2. Oooh, a n00b! Everybody, start the hazing!
    Just kidding. Welcome. And thanks for the vote for McCaskill, you cancelled out my cousin’s vote for Talent. 🙂

  3. In that case, we’re one up. I just voted in NE Missouri and regard Talent as one of the horsemen of the apocalypse.
    I’m glad to say tat they didn’t ask me for a photo ID – I have a driver’s license but was suspicious that some enterprising poll worker may try to enforce the court-overturned photo ID law. (They tried to make me have a photo ID in the primary till I balked and they backed down fast).

  4. OK, OK, so I voted already. I’m really looking forward to a Democrat taking over the elections in Ohio (Sec. State) for 2008.
    Now do I get to bitch?

  5. Spent all but two hours of today, from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., working on the campaign for my local democratic candidate for Congress, and worked the phone banks yesterday and Saturday as well, and did GOTV canvassing for the last month.
    Utterly exhausted and losing my voice; my district, NY 19, has a really close race, but I’m not bitching — we had great turnout and I really think we’re going to win this one.
    Don’t mourn, organize.

  6. I voted absentee a couple of weeks ago. Spent every Tuesday night for the past two months making phone banking calls, plus a few extra nights mixed in. Then spent an hour and a half yesterday on a street corner waving a Durston for Congress sign, along with a dozen other like minded folks. Today, I’m tired, burned out by the election, worried. In a few minutes I will head back to the Durston campaign headquarters (CA03) and see if I can make a few more phone calls.
    I don’t plan on bitching. I plan on celebrating.

  7. That last post was me…forgot to log in. The n00b shows his lack of posting experience right off the bat. Dammit!

  8. Scout,
    Sorry about the late response, had to run to court for work.
    Turnout was pretty low, but I am at a new polling place, having moved about a year and a half ago, so I have no phrame of reference. On the bright side, no ballot problems. I was in and out in 15 minutes.

  9. Stood in line for forty minutes, the most I’ve had to ever. Lots of folks at the polling place today. I’ve got a good feeling about this.

  10. Sage advice from a mentor back in the ’70’s…
    Don’t Sit & Stew…Plot & Plan instead.

  11. here in az i got up at 5 so we’d be in line for the opening of the polls at 6. At 6 a.m. the lines stretched out the door. By the time i voted, i was number 53 and there were easily another 50 folks behind me.
    from reading/lurking on this site and several others, i too got my butt in gear and started volunteering one night per week making gotv calls. i also made sure everyone in my liberal office was registered to vote and that their vote by mail applications got hand delivered to the dems office.
    i did grassroots in a neighboring precinct this weekend and met three really amazing women who pooled their resources to run for two state house seats and one state senate seat. they were mad as hell and decided to make a stand. i realized that the state house seat in my district didn’t have a democrat running. i’ve agreed to be a precinct chair, but running for the state house, if only to pull resources FROM the repubs, is looking good.
    this is just the beginning. a lot of us lurkers are starting to act.

  12. I cast my vote in IL-05, holding my nose to vote for Rahm “Beltway or the Highway” Emanuel. Turnout was very very low in my precinct — something I’m not entirely surprised by, considering how few races are actually seriously contested in this district. The most exciting things to vote on today were the three Cook County referendums.
    OTOH, I’ve been pushing the “Get Off Your Butt And Vote” meme at my job in the Chicago ‘burbs, where a lot of my co-workers live in key districts (like IL-06, the Tammy Duckworth race), and where the day-to-day grumbling trends very blue indeed.
    Later today it’s call my mother in NM to make sure she and my grandfather voted.

  13. bdub78…wonderful to see you post!!!!
    I think McCaskill will win. How did turnout look there???
    Thanks for reading and keep posting!

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