10 thoughts on “It’s that time of year

  1. Yes, it’s getting to be that time.
    I get to show my students “An Inconvenient Truth” next week. I think they’ll all be cheering for global warming to hurry up.
    The li’l bastards.

  2. Whee, as a misplaced Dane that’s great to see (the ending says: “get a better start to your day” — and features my favorite beverage of all times). Of course, now I’m in Vermont where it was 70 degrees today… the ski resorts are all shitting bricks and burning little dolls of Senator Inhofe to try to appease the Great Snow Demons. Maybe I should look into opening a banana plantation around here.

  3. 70’s in Vermont!!!
    “burning dolls”—Heehee
    And thanks for interpreting!

  4. haha, very funny! of course, not so funny when it ends up happening to me…if it ever hits freezing in the NE again, that is.

  5. I opened the back door to load a box of Goodwill stuff…and the door wouldn’t close (frozen)…I had to drive to work (6 miles on a freeway) with a bungy cord in one hand holding the back door almost shut…luckliy the sun came out and it got up near 20 by noon and the door thawed…in the last two weeks I’ve had to buy a new car battery, new studded tires, one frozen door…and it was only November! I’m just grateful I have a job and can afford to fix these things when they happen. Winter can be beautiful and brutal…

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