Your President Speaks!

Just a quickie in honor of World AIDS Day.

Well, this theory that I have — that is to say, which is mine… is mine.

Before the PEPFAR program — that’s the name of the program that we — that’s what we call the program that we dedicate money to, to help save lives — before it became into being, there was about 50,000 people receiving lifesaving drugs.

4 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. Point of inquiry: Bush says there were only 50,000 people receiving life-saving meds prior to the PEPFAR program’s existence and now 800,000 are receiving those meds. He also said that there are 39 million people living with HIV/AIDS. Does that number reflect worlwide…does it only reflect a certain population…does it include self-pay and private insurance? Holy shit, only 800,000 of 39 million receiving medication? Can someone fill me in or set me straight? Thanks.

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